We were married for 6 years before his death. It wasn't a perfect 6 years and there were problems. Throughout even the worst of them, we came out stronger and loved each other even more as a result.
We had decided to wait to have children and had even said to wait until we were both 25. Being we had gotten married at the tender ages of 19 we thought it was pretty smart to hold off. I was pregnant and found out the news the day before Mike's 25th birthday. Scared and nervous about what lay ahead, Mike was unsure what to think about his impeding father-hood.
It turned out to be fate that Ariana was conceived when she was as Mike was stricken ill within a month with his second recurrence of Cancer. After the following Radiation and chemotherapy treatments and surgery...It would have been unlikely another chance would have come along.

all through the night
i'll be watching over you
and all through the night
i'll be standing over you

and through bad dreams
i'll be, i'll be baby telling
everything's gonna be allright

and when you cry, i'll
be there baby telling you
you're never nothing less then beautiful
so don't worry
I'm your angel standing by


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